Oktober 2023

Sa 21
18.00 TONALi Galerie

Klaus Sahm – Cycles. A visual concert.

Celebrating the release of the "Cycles" EP with an exhibition and live concert.

TONALI Galerie / Gastspiel


Please join Klaus Sahm for an intimate evening dedicated to the release of his debut EP, „Cycles,“ a tribute to his brother and best friend. He will perform the full EP as one continuous, cohesive journey, without interruption.

This special event will also be about photography and mark the debut of Klaus‘ first exhibition in Hamburg. These images, each resonating deeply with him, visually portray some of the emotions he has navigated through his brother’s passing.

Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, producer and photographer Klaus Sahm began his musical life playing guitar in a hardcore band. He continued his journey studying piano, while working as a musical director and producer for acclaimed artists in the pop-genre. His own music and compositions gravitate towards the calm, the quiet notes, always focusing on a distinct sound and feel, somewhat melancholic, somewhat bittersweet. The recording process always includes real instruments, real tape echoes, analog reverbs – things that can’t be reproduced a second time. 


Klaus Sahm (Klavier, Fotografie) – mehr…


TONALi Galerie
Kleiner Kielort 6
20144 Hamburg



21.10.2023 ab 18.00
bis 27.10.2023

Geöffnet: 22. – 27.10. je 11-18 Uhr